Questions & Answers

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. You are also welcome to contact us if you have any other questions.


How do I become a member of Nepa Panel?
You can register by clicking here. Your email has to be unique. It is not permitted to register several different e-mail addresses in the panel.
How do I receive my password?
In order to retrieve your log in information please click “login” on the menu and then click “forgot your login details”. Type in your registered email address and a code will be sent to your email id. Type the code and add your new password.
How do I end my membership in Nepa Panel?
You can end your membership in Nepa Panel whenever you want. Simply log in to your panel account via “ Nepa Panel Login” on the menu bar, and click on the button “Close Account” in your profile page. You can contact us and we will help you with the deregistering. If you deregister while you still have money left in your account, you will lose this money.
How can I change my personal information?
You can change your information by logging in to your personal page that can be reached via the login page. This information is used to determine which surveys are to be sent to you as well as to which account the reward is to be paid. If you want to change your registered e-mail address in Nepa Panel, please contact us.


What is my balance? How can I see how much money I have earned?
By logging in to your panel account via “login” on the menu you can check your balance and your transfers.
How much money do I get for completing a survey?
The reward you receive varies with the length of the survey. You need to complete a survey in order to receive your reward.
How do I request transfers/payments?
Login to your panel account that you can access via ”login” on this homepage. Click “Rewards” and follow the directions shown on your screen.
My money has not arrived – why?
From the moment you request to transfer money from your account, it can take some time before the transfer is actually executed. This could be due to several other transfers being queued for execution. However, you can always see the status of your transfer on your personal page.
How can I use the money I have earned?
You can transfer your money to your PayPal account. Please read more here


How many surveys will I be invited to?
How many surveys you receive per month depends on how many surveys are available at any point, typically 2-3 per month. The maximum number of surveys you will receive will depend on what you have specified in your account settings. You can choose to receive between one and six surveys per month.
How do I participate in surveys?
You will get surveys sent to you via e-mail with a link that you click on to get to the survey. The survey will open in a separate window. Once you open the survey, you need to complete it within three hours for you to receive your incentive reward.
When I click on the link, it says the survey is closed/finished. What does that mean?
From experience we know that not everyone has time or opportunity to participate in all the surveys we send out. For instance, someone might be on vacation and cannot participate in a specific survey. The survey is therefore sent to a large number of people and it is closed when a desired number of participants have been reached. Thereafter, no more members can participate in the survey. If you cannot take part, it means we already have the number of participants we are looking for.
Why do I sometimes only get to answer a few questions? What is screen out?
Certain surveys are looking for the answers of a certain target group and are thus initiated with a number of questions (screen out questions) to determine if you fit into the target group. If you belong to the target group, you will be able to finish the survey, if not, you will be screened out.